Our Products and Services

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site.  We provide a variety of services including sales of Landscape Photography, taking event photos (sports, graduation, corporate) at whatever event that you may have a need for.  We then provide an opportunity for you to purchase digital downloads, photos, photo packages, as well as a variety of other products.  If you don't see what you're looking for Just Ask!

Referral Bonus - Get a free photo!

For every referral that purchases photos or digital downloads, we'll give you another digital download of your event.  Just let us know who you referred (we'll confirm they made a purchase) and then provide you will the photo from your event (excludes landscape / art photos).  Every referral needs to be a new customer.  Let us know if you have questions.        

Photo Pricing 

We believe we are very reasonable with our standard photos.   We will work on you with pricing of high quality, edited photos.  With sports / corporate events, we typically upload already edited images.  With our engagement photos, the editing takes longer and is more detailed and is reflected in the pricing of those photo packages.  Please let us know your needs and we're happy  to provide pricing before scheduling any event.

Local Sporting Event - $75 Includes Digital Downloads

We we come to your local sporting event and take photos of just your athlete (if that's what you want, as compared to teams, etc) for 1 hour of time.  We consider a local event within 30 minutes of the Roseville area (many local Motocross locations, horse show arenas included)  We will then provide access to a gallery of your photos where you can download your photos or purchase other photo packages or products that you'd like.  If you know what you want ahead of time, we can provide pre-configured photo packages for you.  If you decide not to purchase photos, you'll still have access to high quality watermarked images for your viewing.

Corporate Event - Rate per Hour + photo packages

We are happy to document your corporate event.  We'll taking photos of you and your team as you arrive, entertain one another or document any other part of the activities you'd like us to.  We typically estimate a rate based on your location and amount of time spent during the event.  We understand not all corporate events are the same and will require various time commitments.   We typically discuss your photo needs (often digital downloads for these events), and will include that into the package price for you.  Please contact us for your needs and we're happy to put together a price for you.

Engagement Photo Shoot - $250 + photos packages

We like nothing more than helping you celebrate one of the most important days of your life (to this point).  We usually spend 2-3 hours that will include travel time to and from the site, as well as spending 1-2 hours at the selected site (total of 2-5 hours).  Photos will be priced to be purchased separately.  We'll allow for 2-3 wardrobe changes.  If you need help determining the best time and place, we're happy to consult with you regarding those decisions prior to scheduling a time.

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